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July 19th, 8pm is Part 1 of our events for YEAR OF THE MONKEY by Patti Smith!

This is a bit of a departure for us, since we're used to expressing our reactions to the book in song, dance, photography, snacks and cocktails.

We thought, why not have both? Let's have the Bushwick Book Club Book Club in addition to the Bushwick Book Club show.

To lead us through the uncharted book club territory and through the literary terrain of Patti Smith's 2019 memoir(ish) of her experience of 2016 are BBC songwriter Teresa Toro and writer, musician Noah Evan Wilson of The Acoustic Guitar Project.

You can still RSVP for the meeting - online and in person. It's free, and you receive a %15 discount code for tickets to the MUSIC (live performance July 25th, 7pm at Sid Gold's in NYC).


Here's more on our BBC Book Club hosts for July 19th, 8pm!

Teresa Toro

A late-blooming songwriter, Teresa tries on different characters and channels their stories of love, regret, and existential indecision – sometimes in the same verse. Teresa is also a regular performer with The Bushwick Book Club, a Brooklyn-based performance series.

Listen to her songs:

Noah Evan Wilson

Noah Evan Wilson is a writer and musician based in New York City. His stories have been published in Beyond Words, Dreamers Creative Writing, and the anthology, Ten Ways the Animals Will Save Us, from Retreat West Books, among others. His latest record, The View from the Ground – EP, is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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