Bushwick Book Club Seattle:  Geoff Larson started the Seattle Chapter of The Bushwick Book Club in 2010 with top Seattle talent creating and performing new music inspired by literature.  Check out the radio show/podcast Geoff created with interviews of the Seattle Book Club musicians: “The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents”


Bushwick Book Club Malmö: Songs about by books aren’t just for the North American continent.  The Swedes need their literature-inspired music too.  Bushwick Book Club Malmo began in August 2012.  The orgy of book-related songs now spans oceans.  It’s a big orgy.


Bushwick Book Club Los Angeles:

Songwriter, musician and actor Stacy Rock spearheads Bushwick Book Club LA.  She started as a contributor in Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles and bringing BBC with her!  Look for  more collaborative NY/L.A. Book Club events in April 2018!


Bushwick Book Club Greenville, SC:  The Greenville chapter started this February with a show inspired by Voltaire's Candide.   Founder and organizer, T.C. Costello had this to say about their first show:


"I can't remember the last time I had a show where every audience member was listening to every single word.  All the songs were quite different.  We had a epic love song, a political folk song, and even a really pretty acoustic piece with the chorus 'fuck optimists. This diversity surprised me as Candide is very much a "one-joke book", as one of the songwriters put it.  One songwriter, who it turns out has been listening to your Bushwick club for years, actually had a song about how much he hated reading it - and then how his wife left him for a monkey, which is a reference to Candide."


Their next show is inspired by Octavia Butler's Bloodchild and Other Stories.  Greenville may be your new favorite destination for songs about books!


There are also chapters in Santa Barbara, Portland, New Orleans and Toronto, Canada!

Write us at or google away to find out about all the chapters.  And by all means, write us if you’re interested in starting one where you are.  There’s no place like where you are and no time like right now to make something new inspired by literature.

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