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Introducing Bushwick Book Club Baltimore/DC!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

The kick off event is July 24th, 6pm at DC venue Crazy Aunt Helen's.

The book is SIRENS OF TITAN by Kurt Vonnegut, keeping with our Vonnegut tradition established at our very first show in beloved Bushwick venue, Goodbye Blue Monday created by writer and artist (and Vonnegut reader), Steve Trimboli.

This is Kurt Vonnegut's centennial year, as well as our first year without Steve who passed last winter, so the birth of this brand new chapter has a lot of significance for us. We usher in this new chapter with original songs in response to SIRENS OF TITAN. It will be glorious meeting of Bushwick Book Club artists and musicians new and old creating a book inspired time like this town has never seen!

NYC songwriters

Susan Hwang, Charlie Nieland, Chris Rael (Church of Betty) and Teresa Toro (backing vocals)

Baltimore/DC musicians & artists Sad Veiled Bride, Honi Harlow (performance art), WORKTOP, Kerri Sheehan (animation), Boy Meets Pearl, Gene Downing of Free Minds (spoken word) and Laure Drogoul (performance art).

Baltimore/DC BBC is spearheaded by the multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, circus performing, art weirdo activist, Sea Griffin. Find out more and stay in the loop at IG: @bmoredcbushwickbookclub.


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