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Governors Island: Porch Stomp with us Saturday, June 17th!

Updated: Jun 17

Porch Stomp is the annual acoustic music festival on Governors Island that has been running for 10 years now. This will be Bushwick Book Club's third year presenting a stage (porch) at this all day festival!

We have utterly compelling artists, musicians and dancers presenting short sets from 11am-5pm. And there are stages all over the island curated by NYC and Brooklyn music and arts communities!

Here's a little promo video w/ footage of from previous Porch Stomps! PLUS the background music is MOBILE WASH UNIT by Don Rauf which is the song we're leading in the group FINALE with all the stages of Porch Stomp in Nolan Park at 5pm, so *bring your ukulele,*


11 opening ritual

11:10 Phoebe Kreutz

11:30 Matt Colbourne

11:50 Casey Holford

12:10 Katy Pinke w/ Mike Gebhart

12:30 Henry Tenney / Highland Shatners

12:50 Carrie Beehan & Joff Wilson

1:10 Susan Hwang

1:30 Charlie Nieland

1:50 Troy Ogilvie

2:10 Juliet Garrett

2:30 Stephanie Larriere

2:50 Don Rauf

3:10 Lianne Smith

3:30 Midday Spa BREAK w/ Bpo Bpo Magic (Sung Uni Lee and Masai)

3:50 Risa Mickenberg

4:10 Chris Rael

4:30 spiritchild

4:50 Closing ritual - land acknowledgement - spiritchild

Here are the chords and lyrics for MOBILE WASH UNIT!

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