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BUT WILL YOU LOVE ME TOMORROW celebrates the women of the '60s girl groups

We're excited for our upcoming show in response to the new oral history of '60s girl groups, But Will You Love Me Tomorrow by Laura Flam and Emily Sieu Liebowitz.

We have ten songwriters/artists lined up to respond to the book of over 100 interviews with the singers of groups like The Chantelles, The Cookies, The Ronettes, The Supremes and Labelle plus interviews with songwriters, recording engineers, session musicians and DJs of that defining era in American music.

The show is October 10th, 7pm at Sid Gold's Request Room in Chelsea.

Tickets are available now!

It's already inspired local East Village artist and comedian, Ron Herczig to create this video for us announcing the show:

The authors, Emily Liebowitz and Laura Flam will be present for the show, so bring books for them to sign!

Enjoyable pre-gaming activities:


@EndlessArrows (Julie Lamendola and Leslie Graves)

Susan Hwang @soozee3

Phoebe Kreutz @therealphoebekreutz

Sam James

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