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Practicing and Printing - WHEN BROOKLYN WAS QUEER by Hugh Ryan at BGSQD

I used to work at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. It was a summer job as a tour guide when I was in college. I honestly don't remember anything I said on that tour, but I remember I would sometimes take my harmonica out and play a little if the lines were moving particularly slow––unsanctioned harmonica interludes.

This weekend, I got prints, not of money, but of the flyers for Wednesday's show and brought some to a different Bureau... It's BGSQD for short, or as co-founder Greg Newton let me know, it is also known as "The Bureau." It's located in the LGBTQ Center on 13th St. on the 2nd floor, Rm #210, but BBC did a show there in 2013 when they were located in the Lower East Side. It was also in February, huh. February 28th. And the book was Justin Vivian Bond's TANGO: My Childhood Backwards and in High Heels.

We return to BGSQD now in the West Village. Founders Greg Newton and Donnie Jochum have created a vibrant and warm space that invites you to peruse the displays or enjoy the event. Here's a little clip of Saturday's visit. The audio you hear is the beatbox track I've been working on for the new song I'm presenting on Wednesday. I'm not the best beatboxer, but right now, I'm the only one I've got.

Luckily, Charlie Nieland and Marlon are coming by today to rehearse, so let's see what else happens with this song. Come to the show on Wednesday to hear it and all the others in response to Hugh Ryan's book!


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