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READ UP: Selected poems from ALOUD: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Updated: Apr 17

CLICK any poem to read:

"An Open Letter To Myself" by Nicole Breedlove, p. 41

"Please Don't Take My Air Jordans" by Reg E. Gains, p. 65

"No, Fuck Me" by Eliza Galaher, p. 72

"Project Princess" by Tracie Morris, p. 100

"Work" by Peter Spiro p. 141

"Pussy & Cash" by Hattie Gossett, p. 198

"Rock 'n' Roll Mythology" by Bob Holman, p. 226

"Skinhead" by Patricia Smith

"Slot Machine" by Emily XYZ, p. 290

"Fences" by Cheryl Boyce Taylor

"Telephone Booth" series by Pedro Pietri

From "White Trash Debutante Ball" by Jennifer Blowdryer

"La Bodega Sold Dreams" by Miguel Piñero






















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