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Meet The Players: Lianne Smith

"The sound of his voice tells its own story." -- Lianne Smith has a new song written in response to several works of Edgar Oliver.

About Lianne: I like songwriting because it's faster than writing a 400-page novel.

She's also terrible at writing a bio for herself and at self promoting, so here's some info on her from The New York Music Daily:

Lianne Smith is an individualist. She does things her way – even if it means taking ten years or more to put out an album. Long considered to be one of New York’s most important songwriters, she personifies the definition of cult artist. She’ll play the occasional Bowery Ballroom gig and owns a rabid fan base who’ve followed her since her days as the Brooklyn dark Americana rock girl “most likely to get signed” in the late 90s. But that coincided with the sea change where the big record labels started to drop off the map – and the fact that Smith never courted fame in the first place.

We're ecstatic to have her for this show for Edgar Oliver, because she brings not just thoughtfulness, intelligence and depth to her songwriting, but joy. Can't wait to hear wht she's been working on.

June 4th, 6:30pm doors

21 A Clinton St.


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