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Meet the authors - EVERGREEN REVIEW on FIRE

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

We're excited to present work from five different authors published in EVERGREEN REVIEW. Corrie Clements, author of "THE TRAVELING SAUSAGE: Parts I and II" and Minerva Martinez, author of "In Parentheses" will be with us on August 15th at Bowery Poetry Club to read from their pieces before the musical performances inspired by their work.

Read all five stories before the show on Monday! (scroll down for bios and links to stories)


Yoojin Na is a physician, a writer, and MFA student at Columbia. Her works have been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, Joyland, and others.

Read "Fire Escape" by Yoojin Na HERE.


Chimène Suleyman is a writer from London of Northern Cypriot descent, who has written on the politics of race and immigration in media including The Guardian, The Independent, the BBC and NPR. She co-edited The Good Immigrant USA in 2019.

Read "The Great Fire of London" HERE.


Corrie Clements - "THE TRAVELING SAUSAGE: Parts I and II"

Corrie Clements is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. She lives in central New York State with her family. Corrie's first work was published in The Evergreen Review. She is currently working on her MFA in creative writing and many writing projects including a full-length memoir based on "The Traveling Sausage."

Read "The Traveling Sausage: Parts I and II"


Patrick Hipp is, in simplest terms, a bartender with a writing problem. His novellas, All The World Is Lost and The So-So Gatsby, are out there, somewhere, while his novels are not. He lives and works and will probably die in Brooklyn.

Read "Werewolves of Lockdown" HERE.


Minerva Martinez is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She holds an MFA in nonfiction from the New School. Her work has appeared in W42ST Magazine, Newtown Literary Journal, and the S/S 2019 issue of Evergreen Review.

Read "In Parentheses" HERE.



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