“I was so honored that the Bushwick Book Club made music in response to my writing.  All the arts are about communication — if one is to make grand summarizing statements — and to have two of the arts communicating with each other, prose and music, like birds in a tree in Bushwick, is a brilliant concept that the Bushwick Book Club has invented and continues to practice with great joy and exuberance and beauty.  And to repeat myself — I’m so pleased that my writing caused this lovely group to burst into song. Because what’s better than bursting into song? Very little!”


— Jonathan Ames, WAKE UP, SIR! – BBC show April 2014

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“The Bushwick Book Club is an amazing showcase for musical and other talents. I had so much fun and am a true convert to the show. One of the best things out there for creativity, imagination, and a pure sense of play.”


— Jeff VanderMeer, A PECULIAR PERIL – BBC show JULY 2020

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