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Hugh Ryan's exploration of Brooklyn's untold queer history is the subject of our first show of 2022. Join us February 16th, 7pm at The Bureau of General Services Queer Division for a power line-up of songwriters, performance artists and choreographers who will share their new work in response to the fascinating stories that are Brooklyn's queer history as researched and relayed by author Hugh Ryan.

Tickets on sale now (by donation - proceeds go to BGSQD and BBC performers)

Internationally respected performance artist, writer, poet and experimental theatre maker, Penny Arcade will be hosting as well as presenting her own new work along with:

Jim Andralis

Peter Dizozza

Sea Griffin

Susan Hwang

Julie Lamendola

Stephanie Larrierre

Ralph Denzer

Joe McGinty

Ray Brown

Risa Mickenberg

Charlie Nieland

Troy Ogilvie

BUREAU of GENERAL SERVICES QUEER DIVISION is at 208 W. 13th St. in Manhattan in the LGBTQ Center, Room 210

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