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Meet The Players for our show for GENDER QUEER: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe

**Don't forget to get your tkts for the June 10th show 7pm at The Center, 208 W. 13th St., NYC!

Jason Trachtenburg is still best known as "The Dad" in the long-running off Broadway act, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. The act appeared on Late night with Conan O'Brian, and was a multiple time award winner at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Jason is the author of two complete musicals and is currently in production of his third musical, in conjunction with The Lambs Theatrical Organization. Jason performs the role of "Frankie" in Mother Pigeon's Impeckable Puppet Show with his long time partner Tina Pina / Mother Pigeon. He is the former President of The 4th St Food Co-op and has a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, so feel free to ask him anything about anything.


Sea Griffin (they/them/mer/sea) is singer/songwriter/accordionista for Victorian Music Hall singalong/circus waltz band, Boy Meets Pearl. They run the DC Chapter of BBC.


Venezuelan-born singer-songwriter and musician, based in New York.she moved to the United States in their teens. At the age of 18, they moved to Seattle, where they started playing music on the streets. In the 80's formed Dos Mundos, along with Deanna Chapman, and they were later renamed to Tres Mundos, with the addition of Christine Gunn in the cello. In 1994, met Krist Novoselic, after having been invited by his wife to sing at a surprise birthday party for him. The two of them formed Sweet 75 and they were active as a band until 2000. Yva on Spotify Instagram: @yva_las_vegass


Paula Spiro Drummer

I'd like to present "BOUNCE" a brief monolog on childhood in the 1950s in a strange world of gender oppression, confusion and extreme social pressure to ... ""act like a girl"...Behind my bedroom door, with my six inch drum pad and drum sticks, I invented an imaginary world of being a drummer. A special, secret place I could go where I could be happy and free and marvelous! Tap tap tap! Hear what I mean?



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